Allow reviews to be submitted without a comment and without Overall Rating

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We need to be able to allow Multiratings to be submitted with an empty review comment and with an empty Overall rating selecting. The idea is to only use Multiratings as an award based review system. We are looking to have award based reviews where someone can simply award a business with an Excellent Service award or a Comfy Bed award, etc. In Multiratings we would create a Multirating with a 1 star highest rating and if the user reviewing the business clicks this award the business would receive it without having to give an overall rating or submit a text based comment on the post. Here is a video showing the two checks that we would like to disable. Disable the check from General Rating allowing an empty General rating and also an empty Comment on the post: I found a snipet provided which may be for v1 which is why it is not working to allow empty Comment on reviews: There are a few other details to work out that we can discuss. Thanks

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