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The following describes the project, as well as what is required in a customization job: PROJECT DESCRIPTION We’re looking to display program graduates on 25 different college pages. So, if a graduate registers to be on the college page they graduated from, once they fill in the form and are approved, would automatically appear on that college page; and within the user list for that college. Here’s the detailed description: DRAFT WIREFRAME EXAMPLE – John is a graduate of Cambrian College. – He visits to sign himself up to be on Cambrian College’s wall of graduates. – He enters his information and submits his profile to the website moderator. – The website moderator reviews the submission and approves John’s profile. – John can now be found on the Cambrian College page, within the specific Cambrian College profile/user list. WHAT IS REQUIRED At the moment, the UsersWP plugin does not allow for custom shortcodes. I would basically just need your shortcode to be customizable, so only one ‘user category’ is shown per page (the college). We want to add more than one user directory ( to the website, which we need to create for each respective college.

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