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We have established a database of artists within the directory on HolyCulture.net. Within that directory, we establish information for those artists as it pertains to their music (e.g., links to apple, Spotify, etc.) and their social networks. We also post a lot of their material through regular WordPress posts, linking it to the artist in the directory. Today, everything is manual. As an example, we subscribe to many of the artists on YouTube and get alerts when they have a new video via YouTube. From there, we then manually create a post and attach it to the artist. I am looking to add more automation. Functions that look for new information from those artists, and provide us through a gating mechanism, the opportunity to automatically turn it into a post. In a perfect world, there would be a few administrator experiences. – A view of all available. A screen where for any artist, we can see everything available for them from the linked spaces. An identification of what we have on our site already and not and the ability to select what things we want to add. – Alerts of new things. As mentioned above, alerts of new things on a regular basis, when the same functionality mentioned above in terms of the ability to select what things we want to add.

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