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I am looking for someone to help me with a part I am stuck at with our new directory, regarding the Add listing page. Here is what I would like to do: 1- A process where people can publish their listing for free but also choose options that can be cumulative (this where it is tricky). We have 2 categories of options: A/ « Featured » (the easy one: the listing are shown at the top; they are also shown on the homepage of our magazine, but that ‘s done through our API, so not a concern here). B/ « Newsletter push »: people who take this option can have their listing published on our newsletter (once a month). Here the trick is that we have 6 different newsletters (NL), with different prices; People can choose one or several of these options. (NY, LA, SF, Texas, Miami or DC). Again here, we just need to gather the info, the data is sent through API to our newsletter system separately. So one customer could choose to pay for featured + NL NY + NY LA (for exemple). Or just Featured; or just NL NY and Miami…. 2- In addition to this function, I would also like to be able to customize that page so it’s nice and convert (we can’t just have the options listed in text one after the others, we need to be able to explain benefits, etc…). To help you understand better, you can take a look at our current site (it’s not great and I would like our new site to look better, but the functions we need are there):, button « Réferencer votre entreprise at the top right).

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