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Budget: $250.00

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Using “Locations” as a beginning template. General Properties: All changes to filters (Places, Categories, or Locations) refresh the existing page. There are no additional Pop-up Menus and no navigation to a different page. The filter selections remain visible within the drop-down menu field. Upon changes to filters the results are refreshed and the map synchronizes with the results. This is the first phase of an ongoing relationship.,, Specific Requirements 1. Ad Universal site header to be displayed on all pages. The header may contain information, promotions, or advertising. 2. Replace Knife and fork icon with logo. 3. Resize filter fields as appropriate. Selected filter is to be displayed. Change padding or margins as appropriate. 4. Login Sign Up buttons should be combined. Email needs to be a required field. Sign up form needs to have agreements for email and text messages. 5. Remove unnecessary white/blank space. 6. Insert results Number of Columns selector. 7. Maps needs to refresh and synchronize for displayed results. 8. Add address information with appropriate styling to match or complement the description. 9. Add “Claim” to the end of the description 10. Add customary Page Footer navigation: About us, Contact us, Privacy, Terms of Service, Add location, Do It Yourself, Do It For You, etc.

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