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I have a geodirectory test system on localhost. I have made some styling changes and I have integrated jsTalk for user chat and IBM Watson for AI based help. I have custom post types for real estate and for “service providers”. A Service provider is a business related to real estate – Financial advisor, plumber, electrician, etc. Although Geodirectory doesn’t support different user types, conceptually I have a guest user – someone who is not registered on the system and cannot post anything, but has full search privileges. A public user – someone registered on the site who can make just one post to real estate. The post fields are restricted for this type of user. This user can make a new post when their current one is removed or expired (does Geodirectory do this? If not then it’s also a requirement for me). A Real Estate user who purchases a subscription – see below, and a service provider who also purchases a subscription. As you know, the geodirectory monetisation model is pay per post. Where a listing might be free of charge. I want to enhance this as follows: a. Restrict some users to just one post at a time. b. Create subscription packages so that real estate users and service providers users can purchase a number of posts (could be an unlimited number). The subscription package would expire after a period of time. c. A subscription package can have a free trial period – but doesn’t have to have this. d. The user should not be billed until the free trial expires. e. The user can elect to provide credit card details when the package is selected, or they can elect to be sent an invoice for payment. I know Stripe supports subscription packages with free trial periods and both credit card and invoice payment methods in its “checkout” API, I don’t know about other providers. Thanks Andy

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