Add new notification ( in the Real-time Notification Addon for UsersWP ) when a new listing is published

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On my website I am using UsersWP, Real-time Notification Addon and of course Geodirectory . I have 2 custom post type listings : “gd_anonnce” and “gd_shops” I need a notifications ( in the Real-time Notification system )to inform the “gd_shops” owners when a new “gd_annonce” is published in their city Trigger: – When a new “gd_annonce” is published Informations to recover and show in the notification : – title with link Receiver : – All “gd-shop” owners that are in the same city as the new “gd_annonce” The notification should be something like ” A new announce {post_title_with_link} was posted near your shop”

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