Event Form Mapping

Budget: 1200

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I will create a Gravity form with Gravity forms Pro. I will add “Nested Forms” from Gravity Wiz. The Event form will require site registration. I will create “conditionals” on the Gravity Form. One “conditional” will be a check box asking if the user posting the event has a Geodirctory listing (a listing). If they tick the box yes, the event will post to the GD Event form. If not, the event will not “connect” to any listing but instead just post the the GD events with not corresponding listing does not exist. Another ‘conditional’ will be, “Do you want to sell tickets through ‘our’ site?” If checked ‘yes’ the Gravity form I complete will have the main form and nested form necessary to gather the information for the community calendar and to gather information regarding Ticket sales. If they answer not to ticket sales, the event data would still populate the Calendar. As of today , Zapier integrates with Gravity forms to populate the Event Calendar and ticket sales. So I know it is possible. At this point my question is, this. Is there a method to populate a GD event form from other data formats or can a script be written. If I have a taker on this, I can create the form and post it for the developer to see my custom Gravity form in action. The Event Calendar / Community Calendar also have functions for changing the number of ticket seats, refunds and the such that can work for further discussion down the road.

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