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  • Anthony B

    Vikas Sharma with his team provides you with smooth and professional experience. The conversations, contact and communication works very well! His team knows what they do, and how to do it, and they can provide you what you are looking for by guiding you through the process. I just purchased my first Project from them, and must say I am very pleased for the end product, which is exactly what I was looking for. I recommend highly!

  • Daniel

    Quick turnaround time and respond rapidly to messages. Great quality of work. And, a good understanding of the tasks requested! High recommend. They fixed a Geodirectory conditional hide/show error and made all review form fields required which is not possible to do by default.

  • Russ

    After much research and trials with a variety of directory platforms, we finally decided that GeoDirectory was the right choice for our project. But, it’s an incredibly robust software with LOTS of options and we knew there would be a learning curve so we needed to find an expert to guide us as we worked through building the website.

    One of the first major things that impacted our progress was the recognition that we needed some custom programming to the out-of-the-box GD search engine. It’s a great engine on its own but our needs required some modification to achieve our goals. We researched a number of developers that specialized in GD, hired and fired a couple of them, and finally had the opportunity to start with Web N Ware…so glad we found them!

    The project was very complex and they admitted it would be a new programming development that they hadn’t tried before, but stated confidently that they’d be able to complete as expected. And that’s exactly what we got…a perfect conclusion. Not only did they complete the task as described, but the manner in which they implemented it gave the illusion that this custom plugin came straight from GD themselves. Web N Ware was able to create a solution that is so seamless on the back end that had we not been part of the project directly, we would have assumed it was a standard GD plugin. And the front facing result is equally seamless and exactly what we know our customers will like.

    Vikas and his team were incredibly responsive, always answered quickly and took note of every detail presented to them….not to mention the project was completed in a very timely fashion. There is no doubt we will incorporate Web N Ware as a continuing partner on our project until completion. Thanks guys for a great first job, we look forward to many more with you!

  • Our site is a considerable deviation from “plain vanilla” GeoDirectory, notably implementing a map search on the front end, based on pins for locations instead of listings. But Vikas and his team had a Can Do approach to what we thought were intractable functional problems.

    Ankit was the point person and kept up frequent and high-quality communication. Ravi was the head developer and always had a solution. They eagerly completed a list of adjustments as we worked through the task list and finished the entire job a week ahead of schedule.

    I am very pleased with the results and will surely use the WebNWare team for Phase 2 of this site and the overhaul of our second site.

  • Joey W

    Great to work with. Very responsive communicators and quality work. Will definitely work with again!

  • Brandon Perry

    We are so happy we discovered Web N Ware to help us navigate a complex GeoDirectory project. Vikas and his team are the consummate professionals that take their time to understand the requirements of the project so their are no misunderstanding along the way. I highly recommend them if you are in any stage of your GD project they are the ones that can help.
    We look forward to a continued relationship on some other projects as well.

  • Having issues with this plugin and have had no response from you.
    Does this plugin work with WCFM or not? You stated on the product that it does but it does not work and i need your assistance or can your refund my money?

  • Gael

    Vikas has been fast and efficient with my demand (a custom result page and pagination issues, on a website he didn’t create, which is always a challenge)

    I would work with him again with pleasure if I need any further development.

  • Toby Doyle

    I have worked with Vikas and team on a large and complex ongoing project with major customisations for a year now and they are have effectively become our software development team and part of our support organisation. They are fully able to follow a well written brief and develop products to meet requirements. Communication and responsiveness is excellent. Together we have built a unique system which is likely to place us foremost in our field and largely self-manages itself.
    We look forward to continuing a happy and enduring relationship.

  • Rio Bravo Media

    We reached out to Vikas and the team at WebnWare for help in getting a specialty plugin tweaked to work with the GeoDirectory. They had to add some functionality to be able to select the GD custom post types and to also map custom fields to the right GD fields. They completed the job quickly. In testing the plugin there were some issues but they quickly jumped on each issue and got it sorted. Very happy with their pricing and service. I will be reaching out to them soon to help with some other CSS tweaks on a new site. I would definitely recommend checking them out if you need help with your GeoDirectory and other WordPress related work.

  • Vikas and his team have done various projects for me, from geodirectory directories to things much more complex. They have always done things on time and have gone out of their way to help. They are experts in WordPress sites, including Geodirectory, but also have the skills to do different things like Shopify sites, mobile apps and more.

    Whoever you work with, you will always have teething problems, but these have been very minimal. I will continue to work with Vikas and his team at Web ‘n’ Ware and have them as my go-to digital agency.

  • Ehud

    After reading all the wonderful reviews I decided to contract Vikas for my project.
    I send him my requirements and other website examples that I like the design and functionality, so we can have reference.
    Vikas told me it will take 2 month and gave me a quota of 2,500$ USD and told to take some buffer for the price.
    Long story short, I ended up paying 5,000$ USD and the project is not finish after more than 10 months. After I paid the last payment he stop communicating.
    The overall process of communicating was bed, he keep asking for more money every time. In the beginning I gave 500$ USD more thinking it will be enough, but after every time he asked for more. Our contract was for a job and not hour base.
    I did most of the code troubleshooting, and there were a lot. They fixed one thing and break two other. It was frustrating.
    You can’t believe what he say, sorry!
    If you do decide to work with him, I would suggest not giving 1$ before the project is done.
    Don’t do my mistake.

  • Lee Grears

    We needed to ensure we had complete setup of Geodirectory integrated with Geomarketplace and WCMP. Good communication via Whattsapp and Zoom. Timescale was met and a really good end result with a screen sharing session of the changes made and how to use the softwares.

    Would highly recommend their services.

  • Robert

    We have required the services which have been carried out with full satisfaction, fast and on time.

  • Michael

    We had a couple of hiccups at the beginning of the project due to some unforeseen circumstances in my original build but Vikas and his team were able to untangle the problems and fix it quickly so we could get back to developing the functionality I needed.

    Very responsive. Budget was reasonable. Communication was good.

    We completed Phase 1 which was a resounding success and are in the process of documenting Phase 2 so Vikas and his team can take the project to a whole new global audience. Which is to say, I look forward to working with Web N Ware again in the very near future on this project as well as many others in my portfolio.

    Great job.

  • Super Developer. Incredible undestanding, he takes care of your project and helps you to achieve what you need. Quick delivery. Definitely great! Highly recommended.

  • Vikas has just completed our project on our new GD website and I couldn’t be happier. Vikas and his team are so fast and nothing is too much or difficult. Vikas has just been appointed our GD team and will be called upon anytime we need an addition or mod. He told me that working with GD is only one thing and that anyone need WordPress assistance can call upon him. Great work and highly recommended.

    1. Sharan

      How long did your project take?

      1. In total the project took nearly 3 months.

  • Daniel

    I had an incredible experience with Vikas and WebNWare for the redesign of my wordpress website.

    He took direction very well, was responsive, quick and a professional.

    Pleasure to work with. Hope to work with again

  • I am really enjoying working with Vikas Sharma and his team. They are certainly experts and have helped me fine-tune a few projects. One is a GEO Directory within a multisite. Communication with him and his team is excellent. I highly recommend him and will continue to use his services.

    1. Sharan

      Are you able to provide a link to your GeoDirectory?

  • Randy Melchert

    Great work helping a noobie import his location data from a previous database. Fast and reasonable pricing.

  • Matt

    Just completed a small engagement with Vikas. Work was of high standard, done promptly and communication was easy. I’ll be back for more soon. Highly recommended.

  • Gaby

    Vikas was able to tackle a request two other developers weren’t able to help with. Job was done promptly and efficiently. I especially liked how he seamlessly integrated the new functionality with the GEO settings admin panel. Highly recommend.

  • Joy

    Vikas and his team stepped in and completed the updates to my geodirectory project after a previous developer stopped responding to emails. He made enhancements to the project that I didn’t think were possible and got it done within 3 days time. I will be continuing to work with him for future updates and value his directness and ability to take what I’m thinking and put it into practice. I have been very pleased thus far.

  • Jochen

    We asked to WebNWare to implement some adjustments on the geodirectory plugin. Vikas and his team have been very supportive and solved all problems that came up – and that we didn’t anticipate beforehand.
    Excellent job, thank you guys. We will contact you again in case further problems will arise.

  • Sonia Killik

    Vikas and the team were great to work with – fast, efficient and completed everything in the brief. I will work with them again.

  • Steve

    I found Web N Ware through this directory after purchasing the geodirectory theme. I usually like to handle as much of the work I can myself, however some aspects of geodirectory were a bit too complicated for me to understand without spending literally hours and hours. I do have a couple of developers I use, so know the uncertainty involved whenever trying new ones. I decided to use Web N Ware rather than my regular developers simply because of their experience with this particular plug in.
    From the outset they were quick to respond, and really the only delay to commencing work was on my part being a little slow to submit a detailed brief. Once they had the go ahead their team went straight to work and I could almost watch in real time and see my new project unfold.
    They have been quick to address any glitches and extra work that I have added as the project has progressed. Overall I am delighted with the service and already plan to enlist their help for future projects.

    1. great website, why not showcase it on our website? https://wpgeodirectory.com/submit/ 🙂

  • Jonaliza

    I reached out to a couple of developers regarding what I need to improve the GeoDirectory plugin on one of the websites I’m running, and Vikas was the only one who was very honest with me and helpful, telling me that the functionalities that I wanted to add to my directory are readily available, providing a reasonable quote and timeline if I opted to continue to hire him, and even helping me with a quick fix at no cost to me! I am able to figure out how to do this on my own so I won’t need to hire Vikas for this project, but if I want to add more difficult customizations which will probably happen down the road, I will definitely be going to Vikas to get the job done. Thank you!!

  • Matt Hepburn

    The team at webnware hit the ground running with some complex SEO requirements for Geo directory.

    I highly recommend the team.

    Not only are they responsive, but the 20 man team can scale the work quickly compared to other 1 or 2 man dev teams.

  • Amazing partners! The team at Web N Ware had cut the development time for my project down significantly. Without the team my project would have taken 3-4x as long. They are true experts and know how the get the most out of the geodirectory system. If there are system limits they knew how to work around them to meet my goals. I am getting ready to start the second phase of my project with them.

  • Mike

    Vekas and the team have just completed some customisations on my directory site, and I’m very happy with the service and the value-for-money. They were not straightforward things to explain or to implement, but he and the team did really well. Very responsive and proactive. I intend to use Vekas and the team again for more custom work further down the line. Very glad to have been introduced.

  • Barry Girsh

    Vikas and his team at Web N Ware have been very responsive and are in the process of delivering my project as per specs and within the schedule we set. They have excellent GeoDirectory skills along with related WordPress plugins and PHP/jQuery coding to get the work done even with complex components. I look forward to continue to work with Web N Ware on many projects moving forward.

  • Greg Doyle

    I had a little bit of trouble communicating my requirements however we finally got there and Vikas delivered exactly what I wanted for a good price.

  • Glenn Donaldson

    I am currently using Vikas with this product and he informed me upon installation that there was an issue and now he is writing code to put into the program to ensure it works with what people use. What a great guy and he wants his plugin to be exceptional. Well done mate. Very very happy

  • Adil

    Brilliant team, i have been working with Vikas and Nand on one of my projects and it has been going exceptionally well. Very happy with the work and progress, We worked very well together and they understand my needs when I explain them, implementing them exactly as I require. Best developers I have used, and I’ve worked with quite a few.

  • Vikas is a very talented developer, After explaining how the website should function, he and his team went to work developing filters, shortcodes and search enhancements. His understanding of how GeoDirectory works really helped speed along the project. I would recommend Wen N Ware to anyone.

  • Caroline

    Vikas and his team are fantastic – really helpful and experienced with GD. Will be using lots more in the future for customisation and development. Highly recommend

  • Vikas and his guy Nand have been INCREDIBLY helpful to me as I try to polish my site and work out the kinks before I take it to market

    I highly recommend them to anyone who needs specialized assistance from a GD SME – You won’t regret using them!

  • Sam McClellan

    Really excellent, I started working with Vikas and his team around a GeoDirectory project and WebNWare has become my company’s main developer. Very good, intelligent, creative group and very good at grasping what you need and implementing it.

  • Collin

    Awesome developer! Super fast service, and got exactly what I wanted done in 2 days: will definitely use them again!!

  • P.K.

    I hired Web N Ware for a directory website I had created using the GeoDirectory and WPML plugins. He was very capable and was able to solve all the issues and customize the search section. But the project took some time from me as well because Web N Ware sometimes would tell me an issue is fixed before doing testing and I had to check everything myself and make sure every issue discussed is covered and new issues aren’t caused. But if you have a problem with GeoDirectory or WPML and are wondering whether he can solve it, the answer is probably yes.

  • Daren Kee

    Vikas is my primary developer for a website I am building which is built on Divi Themes + Geo-Directory. His team has done a great job with this build! I have been using his services for over 2 months now and will continue to do so as needed and on future projects incorporating Divi + Geo-Directory.

  • Tim Judge

    Fast and efficient, easy to work with and my go to guy!! Five Stars!

  • Rya

    Super Developer! Highly recommend Web N Ware. My project required quite a bit of design and functionality customization including: map positioning, page layouts, search adjustments, navigation header styling, WPML translation and many other tasks. Vikas always worked swiftly and the best part is that his prices are very reasonable, I was able to get the work done within budget allocated. Look forward to more occasions to work with Web N Ware again.

  • Steven

    Highly recommended; understood the issues and provided excellent development support, fast and professional. Very happy to contact again for future development.

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