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  • mathew

    Bipin has been fantastic in helping me with the geo directory

  • John

    Bipin has been a great help to me in getting my site up and running, customisations and general snagging. If ever there was something where I was stuck, he is my go to help. Thanks Bipin.

  • Richard Kennedy

    Bipin has helped me on a couple of projects now, and he continues to do so. Would happily recommend.

  • James

    Outstanding support. Really happy with the communication to begin with and with the solution that Bipin provided. Highly recommended!

  • Jason

    What a nice job, highly recommend to anyone looking for a great devloper. He worked overtime to get my website done fast and it looks great.

    Thank you so much for your hard work.

  • Kathy Castle

    Thank you for completing this awesome work.
    You worked very hard and finalized our project. Hope that we will work together in our next projects. You are not only a skilled developer but also an honest man.

  • Clémence

    Bipin was really quick to answer my request and worked efficiently although my deadline was short. He understood quickly what I needed and helped me get a really nice result. I would be happy to work with him again on future developments of my platform. He is friendly and available.
    Thanks for the good work!

  • Bipin is a rock star! Seriously. I am starting to update some of the plumbing on my site and the first thing I needed to do was convert 3 CPTs into one. We had a Skype call and not only did he do what I needed done while we discussed my requirements, he showed me how to do it for future reference. He is fast, knowledgeable and efficient. I will be using Bipin for a bunch of other projects on my site going forward. The key thing to me is that he listens to what you want done and then goes ahead and does it in a reasonable amount of time. Highly recommended for all your GeoDirectory projects.

  • Stephen Armstrong

    Bipin did a great job and a really quick turnaround time too. Would definitely use his service again.

  • Martin H

    Bipin did a great job. He obviously knows the system very well and he works very fast.

    He turned what we through would be a multi part project into one part making it more efficient in the process and exceeded our expectations.

    We will be using him ongoing.

  • Nick

    Bipin did an excellent job for me! Fast and efficient and makes my website a lot more user friendly!

    Thank you so much!

  • Thank you Bipin for an excellent job!!

    I had other developers try to fix my issue and were not capable until I found Bipin. Was very responsive, great communicator and fast worker. He really knows his stuff.

    Can’t wait to do more work together as I have now found my expert developer.

    Highly highly recommended!

  • Kevin

    Bipin has helped us do some extremely heavy customization on our map plugin involving multiple addresses – something we were told by other devs couldn’t be done. He does a great job of communicating and demoing his work – we’ve already hired him for another project! We absolutely trust him with everything involving the Geodirectory plugin

  • TP

    Bipin helped me when I thought I was going to have to re-design or start over. Not only that but he updated many aspects of my site for me as well. He does great work and is fast and responsive!

  • Charles

    Bibin did an excellent job of customizing Geodirectory to our specifications. He asked the right questions to understand what we needed and delivered quality work on time. In addition, it was easy to communicate because he knows WP and Geodirectroy well. We will continue to work with him on future projects. I highly recommend Bipin.

  • Peter B

    Bipin is my go-to developer for anything GeoDirectory related. He does work promptly and easy to communicate with! Highly recommended!

  • Ani I.

    Bipin did a fantastic job on my site. After having had many other developers try to get specific tasks done, Bipin was extremely efficient and trustworthy. I told my wife after the first few days of seeing his work that “I’ve found my guy!” As he is truly a breath of fresh air for the complicated job of web development, we look forward to the future knowing that Bipin has to ability to keep our business headed in the direction of profitability.

  • Graham Rous

    Bipin is fantastic to work with. He is extremely proficient in all aspects of Geodirectory, as well as all other backend coding. He really is a GD Expert. I’ve needed a lot of help so far and Bipin never fails to impress with his responsive communication and expertise. I would recommend him highly to anyone who is using Geodirectory or simply setting up a website.

  • Mason

    expert on GeoDirectory, great service. Thank you.
    highly recommended.

  • Ronald W Burdine

    Bipin once again came through for us, in an after the project was completed manner. I discovered a few bugs after we had completed the project and ask Bipin to take a look at the issues and schedule more time with him. In real time on the phone we were able to address all the issues and he didn’t charge me any extra time! I can’t promise this for everyone, but I think it says a lot about this guys standard of completion and commitment to service and good work. I highly recommend Bipin!

  • Bipin just completed some specialised work for me and I couldn’t be any happier. I was so stressed I couldn’t get a special project done using GEO Directory, But Bipin only took a couple of days to totally sort out my issues. He is a very pleasant person to deal with and nothing was too much or too hard. I will be calling upon him again…very soon. I fully recommend Bipin to anyone who wants a job done well and without any stress.

  • Ron Burdine

    Bipin has been the best developer I have worked with related to my GeoDirectory theme. Highly recommend this professional expert with GeoDirectory. He was fast and efficient and extremely knowledgably and made the migration to a new theme seamless. I will most definitely use Bipin’s skills again on my next upgrade. Bipin is the man!!

  • Rom Smith

    Bipin is awesome at WordPress and Geodirectory! He was a fraction of the price my previous website company was! Bipin’s Geodirectory skills were even better than my previous website company that I paid thousands and thousand for. He defiantly knows his stuff. Hunts down fixes instantly and sets up everything with ease. Will defiantly hire him again!

  • Katie

    Bipin was really helpful and easy to work with. I will reach out to him again if I need more work done on GeoDirectory.

  • Chuck D.

    Bipin did a fantastic job cleaning up our directory site. He worked quickly and very clearly knows this code after doing hundreds of projects. I will use him again for GeoDirectory as well as other website work. Could not be more pleased.

  • Daniel

    After reading all the reviews for Bipan I was confident that he would be able to help me. He replied to my requests in a timely manner and had my job completed within the time frame he gave me. I will be using Bipan again in the near future to do some custom work for me.

  • Michael

    I am new to Geo Directory but I have been really impressed by the tool and the expertise and professionalism of Bipin. I have been looking for directory plugin for a while for my website so that I can expand the presence and content. I came across Bipin and I have to say I was really impressed with Bipins professionalism and how he dealt with helping me set up GeoDirectory. My site is looking really impressive. Bipin really knows his stuff and is really patient in walking you through the basics and how making you gain a good understanding of the tool

  • John C

    Bipin will my go-to developer for all Geo-directory projects moving forward. He recently completed a project for us where all requirements were completed as outlined in the requirements document we sent over. He is very timely with his communication as well.

    If you are looking for someone who is responsive, responsible, and knowledgeable about GeoDirectory then go with Bipin.

  • Liberty Unites Us

    I could go on forever about what a great choice I made when hiring Bipin! You can rest assured all the 5 start reviews on here are real because I’ve experienced all the good things said myself. As a seasoned programmer for 20 years, Bipin’s ability to work with very large datasets was very impressive to say the least. Bipin is your go to guy! It doesn’t matter if it is middle of daytime or middle of the night – he is there to see the job through to the end! Of course he’s going to read this, so… Bipin thanks again for all your hard work and very long hours on our project!

  • Dylan Yang

    Simply Genius!

    This guy is and should be your go-to guy for all your website needs. He knows GeoDirectory inside out and he also works extremely fast. I’m so happy to have found him and will most likely be using him for more than just this one project.

    Anything to do with WordPress this is your go-to developer. He can customize very quickly and is very easy to work with.

    Bipin is the man.

    You don’t need to look any further, just hire him.

  • Manish

    I have been using GeoDirectory for quite some time now and last month I searched for GD experts to work on a few things on my website.
    Bipin’s response and intelligently helpful conversation got him shortlisted and when I explained what needs to be done on the website, I don’t recall if I had to repeat myself .
    Bipin knows his job very well and I found him extremely proficient and hands on with GD elements.

    He did the job in the desired timeframe with great perfection.
    I highly recommend Bipin.

    All the Best!

  • Stuart

    I found Bipin incredibly helpful when making some custom changes to GEO Directory – so much in fact I ask him questions and he does bits for me on other projects nearly 2 years later!

    Always good and quick to respond!

  • Ken Lovett

    I can’t say enough about how great Bipin was to work with. His understanding of GD is outstanding and he goes above and beyond to not only deliver the project, but also to explain in detail so you have a complete understanding of the items.

    On the personal side, Bipin is very personable and provides not only a professional project, but the personal interactions that make a difference and always makes you comfortable in answering your questions. Thank you, Bipin!

    I high recommend Bipin and he is my goto guy when it comes to Geodirectory!

  • TanE

    Timely work, diligent communication to ensure that he understood what I wanted, willing to tweak the parts till it was perfect for me. Thank you for the work!

  • Robert Forsyth

    Excellent initial work and willing to spend a lot of time with me afterwards tweaking bits and pieces. Would heavily recommend.

  • Peter Quinn

    Bipin was excellent from the beginning. He took time to ensure he understood our requirements thoroughly, and then followed through with each task as requested. We are happy with the work that he did and will work with him in the future. I enjoyed working with Bipin thoroughly.

  • Duane S.

    Though this might sound like a “broken record” (that keeps playing the same track over and over again), but I echo the rav reviews that Bipin has received from everyone else,

    He is AMAZING!

    About a week ago I requested input/quotes from 5 or 6 WPGeoDirectory website experts listed herein.

    Bipin was the ONLY ONE who responded (even if the other experts were “slammed” with work, a two second, “I appreciate your interest, but right now I am slammed with work and can’t help you at the moment.” would have been nice…)

    This morning I told Bipin what I needed done, asked for a quote and asked when he could fit me in.

    He responded immediately with a great quote and said he could do it today.

    I said that was fantastic and to go ahead and do it.

    Not only did he do exactly what I asked (which, as we all know when using freelancers is a rarity), he did it faster than I expected (an even greater rarity).

    As I type this, the only thing I worry about is will my glowing review make him too busy to continue to help me!

    I recommend Bipin without hesitation.

    Since we are just nearing the point where we are going to go live with our directory I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Bipin.

    He made my day (and I am a cranky “old guy” and those words don’t utter from my lips very frequently, at all)!

  • Megan Kempf

    I cannot express how fantastic my experience was! The work was clean and timely, and Bipin was extremely gracious and easy to work with. Communication, timeline, and work were all fabulous – I highly recommend!!

  • JayD

    Did not do much work on the site . other than uploading a theme and some plugins to help his “work”, and kept putting me off.
    Almost a month later nothing was done except for the original uploading of a theme and two plugins. He said he would refund my deposit, which he hasn’t another month later now. Wasted my time and money with no results at all.

  • PBS

    Bipin did great work for me over an extended period of time on my GeoDirectory site. In addition to regular tasks, I so appreciated when he would call out coding or security issues that I should be aware of. I highly recommend.

  • Tony Kishawi

    I highly recommend Bipin, we started on my GD and soon I realised that Bipin can look after all my websites. I am trusting him to test all my sites so that they are running with the cleanest design and speed. He went through all the Plugins (I had many!) turned off the ones that I didn’t need and suggested ones that would help my site perform better. If he could this to my site I then said: “Can you do the same to all my other sites?”. Needless to say, we are still working together.

  • Jatinder Kumar

    Bipin is an absolute pleasure to work with. His technical skill for coding and communication is outstanding. I would recommend him to anyone looking for assistance with GeoDirectory.

  • Raina

    I thought Bipin would be a great “go to” expert for all my needs. I was brand new to customizing a website so I had to find someone I could trust to help me before we launched. Bipin initially handled all the CSS very quickly. When the work was 75% completed I naively trusted him and paid him thinking he would of course finish up in no time. Well I ended up begging him to complete the remaining items, to no avail. Then, all of the CSS was deleted after a WordPress update. He corrected some of this but not all. After that I received email after email from him apologizing and setting a new completion date but he’d miss that date as well. He estimated that the work would take about 10 hours max. However, the project extended well beyond the estimated completion date. He began in late October and still wasn’t complete mid-January. Needless to say he wouldn’t refund me so I had to hire someone else to complete the job. It was upsetting to be taken advantage of (obviously I wasn’t a large enough customer for him to care) but I’m happy to finally not have to beg anyone to do what they were paid to do. Lesson learned.

  • Ken Lovett

    Bipin was extremely fast, courteous and did what was discussed. I will definitely use Bipin for additional projects!

  • Abad Morel

    Bipin helped me covert my geodirectory v1 to geodirectory v2. Everything went perfect. Bipin is a gentleman that always responds quickly, is beyond helpful with any questions you may have and is extremely knowledgeable. Thank you very much Bipin! Looking forward to working with you more and more. I highly recommend Bipin Prasad!

  • Billy Belmonte

    Bipin, was responsive and dedicated to making the adjustments I requested.
    He was also easy to reach and available via skype.
    I highly recommend him and will certainly work with him again.

  • MGR

    Bipin has just completed some custom GD (and other WordPress) work for me after finding him on this site. I was worried to start with using someone I had never even spoken to but Bipin was superb from start to finish.

    Lot’s of changes made in less than a week and everything looks great for a very reasonable cost. Will be using him again!

  • Jan van der Reis

    Bipin made my day! He helped me quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended and i look forward to work with him again.

  • Fernando Bernall

    Ever wonder what happens when a developer works on your site and you accidentally override his work with a previous version of the php files he had customized for you? Your heart sinks and hopes the developer can rescue you.. This is exactly what Bipin has done. Once I told him of my mistake he was prompt, courteous, and without thought for compensation took care of it and rectified my mistake. Total professionalism from him. From now on, Bipin is my corner man! Thank you!

  • Fernando Bernall

    Bipin has total professional conduct and work ethics. Very happy to have found him and used his services. Without any hesitation I highly recommend him for prompt and clean work. Thank you Bipin..

  • Anna Tari

    Awesome job!!

    Thank you Bipin for your quickness and for being such a professional. I will definitely book from you again!

    100% Recommended!

  • Allen J.

    Bipin was fantastic – we had him help customize some of the core GeoDirectory functionality for our project. He was quick with his work, accurate with his estimation, and delivered a high quality solution. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a smart and competent professional to help you with your GeoDirectory project. I’m confident he’ll be our first call in the future when we need additional work done.

  • Tamara P.

    Bipin was my “go to” developer for assistance with setting up GeoDirectory on my WordPress site. He set it up beautifully, got it working properly, helped me with LOTS of customizations, and was quickly able to troubleshoot and fix anything that needed it. In addition, Bipin is exceptionally pleasant to work with – kind, communicative, responsive, dedicated, and committed to making everything perfect. I felt I could trust and rely on Bipin to get the job done – done well, affordably, quickly, and smoothly. He delivered on all of that, which is why I kept coming back to hire him again and again. I highly recommend Bipin!

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