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  • Des Donnelly

    Prior to finding Alex I had been led a right merry dance by various Developers, each asking me to purchase a new and different plugin. This lasted 10 months, cost me a lot of money, drove me insane and I had no useable product. To be fair, I had a tight budget and was using, seemingly low-priced, Freelancers. My project was also complicated.

    Having found Geo Directory and exchanged some queries with them, I searched for a GD expert and found Alex. I booked a chat and was instantly impressed that Alex was sincere and delved into my business model to make sure I was not deluded about how my project would monetize. He was very up front about what GD could currently do and what might be possible with some development time and associated costs. He and his team would have to start from scratch

    Alex and his team are at the cutting edge of developing GD. They have developed several new ways for the plugin to work and deliver for my customers and me. Every time I thought we had hit a wall they found a way around the obstacle. It took time but they have a real “Can Do” attitude and I am seriously grateful. There is not one thing that they did not get to work for me.

    I am launching this week and once up and running will return to Alex and his team for more of the same. I cannot recomment highly enough.

  • Ed

    Alex was prompt with all communication and helped us greatly with some GD features that weren’t obvious to us.

  • Eileen

    We found Alex via the GeoDirectory Experts directory. So happy we did. This is our first directory project–it’s been a true learning experience. Alex and his team are a fantastic resource! From planning sessions with Alex to execution with the total team, communications are clear, prompt and easily understood. Our questions are answered quickly, work is done promptly. We recommend Alex and his team without reservation.

  • Michael

    We were directed to GeoDirectory by a WordPress developer as an alternative to an enterprise database solution. The first GD “developer” we encountered caused us to question this choice but we decided to give it another try with a different expert. We bounced around several developers with very mixed and less than satisfactory results.

    We found Alex on the GD site and have worked with his team for several months while developing a national directory site. Our project has involved management of more than 1 million records and allows a user to search more than 20 categories and dozens of sub-categories. The site provides for detailed listings and targeted advertising down to the local level.

    We are not particularly technical but Alex and team have successfully interpreted our desires and effectively implemented custom work where needed.

    Communication has been clear. We have telephone meetings as needed but find email communication to be excellent.

    Alex and his team are true GD experts!

  • Lisa & Jason Carletti

    Alex and his team are a pleasure to work with! Had I engaged them instead of somebody who doesn’t know GeoDirectory last year, we would be much further than we were.

    The consultations with Alex have given us new ideas that we didn’t know were possible and the plugins Wpapps have created are must-haves to enhance the core features of GD.

    The team provides timely communication for every step of our projects, including our current GeoDirectory website as well as the upcoming mobile app.

    We also highly recommend Alex and the team for any bespoke projects. We had them help us integrate with WP Fusion so syncing with ActiveCampaign is a breeze.

  • Richard Cosh

    Alex is truly one of the most professional WordPress developers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. As an agency owner, I have worked with hundreds of freelancers from all different disciplines, and Alex and his team at wpapps.press are by far my favorite group to work with.

    Right from the initial consultation, I could tell that we had made the right choice. Not only was he incredibly knowledgable about the specifics of our directory project, but he was also very organized in establishing and prioritizing the task list and project requirements.

    Once we began working on the project, Alex and his team were in great communication with us, giving us regular updates on the project and getting our feedback with each step. What really impressed me was how intuitive he and his team were in the development process. I never once had to over-explain how a feature or element should work, as Alex’s team has a wonderful grasp of UX/UI design fundamentals.

    I have never been more impressed by a service provider. From budget to timeline, Alex and his team did nothing but impress me over and over. I can honestly say that he saved our directory project. I highly recommend reaching out and booking a consultation with him!

  • Renell Moore

    Alex has been an answer to my prayers regarding my website project. He has absolutely gone above and beyond to assist my husband and I with migrating our site from a previous shared hosting server and web developer to our own hosting server. It was not an easy task, and he spent numerous hours taking apart our multi-site and then migrating all four websites to his hosting server while keeping all sites working and live. Alex and his team are now revamping and updating our site to make it faster, and more user friendly with good site speed and SEO optimization. This project is my “baby” and I have invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into it over a 3-year period. It came to a point where we knew we needed a web developer who was a Geo Directory expert because we have a shop finder map with 770 shops on it. We found that Alex could revamp and install his own Geo Directory plugins that he could then maintain, monitor, and stand behind on a daily basis. Alex has definitely gone the extra mile to be professional, responsive, communicate, and meet with us as often as necessary to make these changes. The cost has been very reasonable, and I have gained peace of mind that our website project is now in the best hands. We wanted a web developer to partner with us to make our business venture successful. And In order to be successful, we had to have that website partner on the backend to be there consistently and make sure our Geo Directory shop finder map and online storefront is open and operating 24/7.

  • Jemmy

    My initial consultation with Alex was insightful. I didn’t get to work with him, but I appreciate his willingness to offer advice and guidance. He also responds promptly to inquiries.

  • Tiffany Jacot

    Alex added heaps of value and knowledge to my project. With each question and request, he went above and beyond in providing. I have the most gratitude for Alex, the Geodirectory team, and the plugins they have created.

    I highly, highly, highly, recommend using his “expert set up” services for anyone installing Geodirectory. What you receive is far more than what you pay.

    I look forward to working with Alex, again for any of my directory needs.

  • Robert Hewitt

    Alex is a rare phenomenon. He is an expert in his field as anyone can tell from reading his responses to questions in the support forum. On top of that he delivers excellent results on the work he does. He works fast, collects regular feedback, responds immediately, makes helpful suggestions, provides what the customer specifies, gives an honest and accurate estimate of the time he spends, charges a very reasonable fee, the list goes on. I have never been so impressed by any on-line service. I am definitely coming back for more!

  • Wes Cox

    I have been hiring and working with Web Developers since 2005. Recently I was building a community directory and I found Alex on a support forum for GeoDirectory. I had some custom requirements and he was able to build out a fantastic-looking UI for my site and in quick timing as well. I love being able to come up with a list of objectives or additions to the website and let him take care of it and send back the great looking work product. I’m excited to add Alex to my team of developers that I work with regularly. He is timely, professional and gives you a great deal of bang for your buck. I would highly recommend Alex for your Directory project or custom web development needs.

  • Christina Ruggiero

    Alex is hands down one of the best that I have ever worked with in every way! His professionalism, personality, expertise, responsiveness, and the list goes on… is second to none. I was working with a developer/designer prior to engaging Alex and would never use anyone else again. He provides recommendations, guidance and best practices that are spot on. He has already transformed my site into everything I’d hoped it would be and we are not even done. Best of all, I completely trust him and know that whatever I ask or suggest is going to be done correctly and beyond expectations. Thanks so much Alex!!! You are a rock star!!

  • Positive Travel

    Alex and the team are quick to grasp our needs and have done an excellent job at developing our site. They are always available and fast to deliver, and find solutions even for the most challenging requirements. We are happy to work with them on a continuous basis.

  • Daniel Stein

    I am so glad that I decided to hire Alex. It started by him quickly answering my questions on the forums, then when I needed more complex help, I hired him directly. He has been amazing to work with, from his excellent communication to his professional/high-quality work. He has completed over 30 hours of work for my two websites and I am more than pleased with the outcome. He is very affordable and gets the job done quickly. Now that he is finished with my work, I have two websites operating Geo Directory and branded for both websites (one for franchise locations, one for a directory listing of professionals). He even included how-to videos so I could make my own changes in the future. I highly recommend Alex for your Geo Directory needs!

  • Lindsey McGregor

    Alex and his team were wonderful to work with. I found him helpful, friendly and very professional. I would highly recommend his work.

  • Al

    Alex (his team and the entire GD support team) is undoubtedly a game changer when it comes to making things happen within GeoDirectory. Without his assistance it would taken much longer, if possible at all, to launch our concept.

  • Barb

    Alex demonstrated outstanding skill and customer service in making customizations to my Geodirectory website. I chose his team because of the speedy and knowledgeable support Alex provided on the GD forum. I plan to continue using his team because, quite honestly, there is no better. Highly recommended!

  • Robert Borkowski

    Alex was instrumental in helping us achieve a number of crucial customizations in time for launch. His prompt and indefatigable aid was much appreciated!

    1. Positive Travel

      Alex and the team are quick to grasp our needs and have done an excellent job at developing our site. They are always available and fast to deliver and find solution even for the most challenging requirements.

  • Adrian

    Alex is a top developer who helped me write a bespoke plugin for GD2 – great communication through every stage of the development and delivery – and I can highly recommend him.

  • Jo Anne

    Thanks for your help Alex in helping me enhance my site. I attempted to build myself, but felt like I was re-learning everything when GeoDirectory switched to V2. It was worth the money to get your technical help to finally get my site up ready to market.
    Thanks again.

  • Suzi B

    Alex has been an amazing help so far and I do plan on using him again. He has assisted in helping me get to the next stage for layout, widgets, styling on GD Details and Listings. Super support! He knows GeoDirectory inside out. I recommend GD for the reasonable pricing but also the GD support! The communication is great, fast and understandable. I highly recommend Alex and his team to anyone who needs a professional job.

  • Exceptional job! Alex and his team helped convert our site from GDV1 to GDV2. The entire process was nothing short of professional and friendly, often at times with Alex offering excellent advice and suggestions. Alex worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth conversion. He was patient and understanding throughout the entire project, especially at times it became a bit overwhelming for me. I’m looking forward to future work with him and his team. Highly recommend Alex ands his team for any GeoDirectory and overall WordPress work!

  • Tommi

    Super Star support! Alex has helped us to upgrade our GD to v2 and make several other changes at the same time (theme, data structures, radio buttons…). In addition he has given some excellent advice on UX. Highly committed and motivated service (at times providing 24/7). And what I appreciate the most is that nothing is left hanging, regardless of how many times we need to go back and forth. If you need any advice on GD (upgrade, maximise the usage, improve performance…) I would highly recommend contacting Alex. No chance we would have been able to manage all the changes ourselves.

  • David

    Alex helped us redesign our website to help with the version 2 goedirectory. His response time was great and his team is extremely talented. If you need help with geodirectory solutions I would highly recommend Alex and his team.

  • David

    Alex helped us redesign our website to help with the version 2 goedirectory. His response time was great and his team is extremely talented. If you need help with geodirectory solutions I would highly recommend Alex and his team.

  • Rick Hemmings

    I reached out to Alex when i needed some design expertese with GEODirectory v2. I hadn’t used the directory software or Alex’s services before, but with the excellent prices per hour to complete the tasks i required i was happy to proceed.
    I have been more than happy with the speed of turnaround and the design is more than i expected and looks fantastic.
    In terms of communication i cannot fault Alex. I have contacted him at all hours of the day and had swift responses everytime – even when he happened to be out with family he still got back to me! awesome.
    The final report was faultless, detailing everything i knew about and more
    I would 100% recommending Alex and his team to anyone who needs a proffessional job doing as it has felt like Alex was part of our own business.
    I look forward to working with Alex again in the near future.

  • colin hopkins

    I started off GD with very little IT background, but managed to get the basic functionality up and running to get GD functional. I was then on to the next phase which was some custom work, whereby i reached out to the GD experts to assist in helping me get to the next stage for what i was looking for wrt. layout, widgets, styling etc. Alex has made my directory work magic with some custom fields and layouts. I thought I may not get what i wanted from the offset, but Alex has worked his magic and definitely proved me wrong. Awesome result. Just finishing off the final touches, but nearly at the finish line.

    A great product, and a great team supporting their business. Don’ hesitate to touch base with Alex.

  • Sarah

    Alex and his team have helped me with migrating to v2. They’ve been really supportive and understanding of all my questions. The work was done really quickly and at an extremely reasonable price. I don’t think I would have survived the process without his help! Highly recommended.

  • Ria

    Alex has and still is up to now very helpful in creating our platform. The communication is great, fast and understandable. I highly would recommend GD for the reasonable pricing but also the GD support!

  • daniel aston

    Alex has been of great help to me building my site. Always very responsive and happy to help. His work is excellent and at a more than reasonable price. Would highly recommend his service as you wont be disappointed.

  • Ben Freakley

    Alex has been so helpful via the GD support form and responds so quickly to questions. He also speaks in plain English rather than in full blown tech speak, so he’s easy to understand. Thanks for all your support thus far!

  • Chris

    Alex and his team are first class. Exceptional work and communication throughout.

    They know GeoDirectory inside out and have great links with the GeoDirectory team which was very helpful during a V2 beta setup which they excelled on.

  • Alex Nott

    Alex has answered questions for me directly from Geo Directories and has been very helpful .

    I am building my first project with Geo Directories.

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