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I am looking for someone to customize my GEO DIrectory to automatically add a tag to a specific level when purchased. example: business joins/buys at the Gold Level and a tag “gold” is auto-generated for that listing. The purpose behind this is to make a list that just shows listings by membership level? example: if I had three levels (Gold, Silver & Bronze) and I wanted to show a list that just consisted of Gold level listings. Geo support said this when asked: #1. You can surely do that with some customization. but we don’t have any default way to do so. you can take help of our GD experts.
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#2. It will look like this: [ gd_listings post_type="gd_place" tags="tag" post_limit="5" add_location_filter="1" sort_by="az" title_tag="h3" layout="2" view_all_link="1" bottom_pagination="1" ]

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